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Check and Connect

Check & Connect is an intensive, long-term evidence-based intervention program for students who are disconnected from school and learning. The Check and Connect advocate / mentor / coach connects with youth weekly, checks school engagement data weekly, designs personalized interventions based on that data, encourages goal-setting and problem-solving, and serves as a bridge between the student, school, parent(s)/guardian(s) and community. Currently used in 27 states, the model for this program has been shown to decrease behavioral referrals, truancy, and tardiness while increasing:

  • High school graduation rates by 42%
  • Student attendance by 37%
  • School enrollment by 29%
  • Student persistence and motivation towards school
  • Overall credit accrual


  • Priority is given to students who struggle behaviorally in school. Out of school students looking to be re-engaged in school or students showing disengagement from school through absenteeism, behavior and/or grades are also considered. Referrals are accepted from Ypsilanti Community Schools District, Lincoln Consolidated Schools and the Washtenaw County Trial Court.  Limited spots are available.
  • We have a program in Detroit for older high school youth.

Program Components

  • An advocate who works with students and families for a minimum of two years
  • Regular checks, using data schools already collect on students’ school adjustment, behavior and progress.
  • Timely interventions, driven by data, to reestablish and maintain the students’ connection to school and learning, and to enhance the students social and academic competencies.
  • Engagement with families.

Specific Services Provided

  • Building positive relationships with each individual student.
  • Checking in weekly with each student during to school year to ensure investment and engagement and to provide problem solving tools and intervention strategies.
  • Using collected data to design personalized interventions for target students.
  • Facilitating communication and problem solving both at the individual student level and between home and school.
  • Attending school-based meetings (e.g., team meetings, IEP meetings, suspension re-entry meetings, etc.).
  • Connecting students and families to appropriate community services when necessary.
  • Collaborating with schools and extracurricular programs to encourage improved participation, performance, and success for students who are disengaged from school and learning.



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For More Information

For more information about Check and Connect, please visit the program’s website through the University of Minnesota’s Institute on Community Integration.


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