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All Kids In School

The All Kids in School Coalition is an informal group of individuals and organizations committed to keeping kids in school. Please email to get involved.

Historic Information

SAC’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Sept. 20, 2016.

Solutions Not Suspensions Campaign website

Solutions Not Suspension Pledge Flyer.

In support of the rally on April 23, 2014, All Kids In School released a statement.

What to do instead?

We are often asked what should we do instead of suspending and expelling. This quote from one of our students, shared at YouthSpeak in January of 2014, is one place to start:

“I feel schools need to come up with better solutions. We need after school programs, detention, in-school suspension, or even community service: at least we would be in school learning. Or if you have to expel someone, the schools need to have something for them to fall back on such as home schooling programs or alternative schools. Us students need education to be successful in life. All students have a right to an education!”

Media Coverage of the School to Prison Pipeline

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Our Programs

Photo of student writing on a whiteboard.

We have a variety of programs to help students, including: Education Advocacy, Check and Connect, and more. View our Programs »